Director Liable for Worker Injury

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A company director was liable for a worker’s injury.

Source:2019 ABCA 98 (CanLII) | CanLII
In this Alberta case a company director was liable for a worker’s injury, where that director had worked on the worksite.

The director has failed to purchase the necessary coverage from WCB. The lesson to be learned here is to ensure that all steps are taken to ensure full coverage for this type of unfortunate accident as per the firm, which is representing the employee.

A work-related injury is one that happened while you were doing something on behalf of your employer or otherwise in the course of employment.For example, a company-sponsored holiday party at a bar would be considered a work-related activity; so any injuries incurred at the party could be covered by workers’ company. If any representation is needed we recommend the services from Spaulding Injury Law you’ll be represented by a thoroughly experienced personal injury attorney.

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