Johannes H. Schenk

Johannes has public sector and private practice experience. He has also worked for a large employers’ association as a labour relations manager. He is a member of the Alberta and British Columbia Bars and obtained his law degree from the University of Calgary. He also has a Masters of Science in Pharmacology from the University of British Columbia.

Johannes has experience in administrative law matters, labour law, employment law, wrongful dismissal law, human rights law, municipal law, commercial litigation, tort law, personal injury and negligence proceedings. He has appeared before all levels of Court in BC and Alberta and has experience with judicial review hearings.

About the Blog

Administrative law touches on almost every aspect of the Canadian legal landscape. It oversees the way we work, the way we are governed and many of the benefits and rights we enjoy as citizens of this country. Most people’s experience with Canada’s justice system will be with some form of administrative tribunal and not with the regular Courts.

I thought it would be interesting to follow some small body of the case law as it develops. In particular, I wanted to post on some of the issues as they arise in a labour law and municipal law context. Employment law is a related area that I will post on from time to time.