Keays Decision

Posted by Johannes Schenk on June 30th, 2008 — Posted in Employment Law

You’ll see plenty written about this decision so I won’t go into any redundant detail.

To put it bluntly, the Keays decision surprises me. Employers may call this decision a victory, but quite frankly, I don’t know of too many employment counsel that would advise their client’s to behave in the manner that Honda did. Aside from what any Court had to say about Honda’s conduct, to put it in the vernacular, “it just ain’t right Ma.” Employers don’t do themselves any favours by being aggressive with an employee. Ever.

Just remember that your other employees will judge you in part on how dismissals are handled. A poorly handled dismissal will likely affect the rest of your workforce in an appreciably negative manner.

The decision itself doesn’t really speak to any technically interesting matters. It basically gives employer’s latitude to be aggressive with employees during the termination process. The one technically interesting issue is the matter of the Court’s jurisdiction to look at aspects of a human rights violation in assessing damages. That is now out, and cuts off what appeared to be an interesting trend that was developing in several Provinces.

Would You Like ?$&&#@!!! With That?

Posted by Johannes Schenk on June 30th, 2008 — Posted in Employment Law, Human Rights Law, Labour Law

I can’t resist it. The tempest in a coffee cup. Grounds for … Okay I’ll shutup.

See, Klopfenstein v. National Sales Supply, a Pennsylvania District Court decision holding that the boss’ demands to serve coffee do not constitute grounds for a discrimination suit in the employment context.

North Vancouver 1400 Bewicke Block OCP Amendment

Posted by Admin on June 27th, 2008 — Posted in Municipal Law

The OCP and Zoning Bylaw Amendment for the 1400 Block of Bewicke Avenue in the City of North Vancouver were recently amended. The change seemed to be contentious and raised at least a few eyebrows. Anyone interested in reviewing those amendments should give me a call and I’d be pleased to take a look at the matter in more detail.