WCB Long term Wage rates: Appeal now and don’t wait

The WCB claim process can be a long drawn out and exhausting affair. There are many traps that can cause you to lose out on full benefits that you deserve. One such trap is the setting of long term wage rates.

Long term wage rates are set very close to the beginning of the claim process and well before the worker has any idea that they might have an injury or subsequent disability that will attract a long term wage rate.

You need to pay attention to the wage rate that s assigned and ensure that it properly includes all the factors that are used to decide the monthly payment amount. The appeal periods that apply to a wage rate decision are very short and if you don’t appeal within the prescribed time limit the wage rate cannot be corrected. The worker may find themselves in position where their final disability has been decided years after they were injured and after a wage rate has been assigned. It’s too late to appeal the wage rate at that time.

If you have concerns about a wage rate assignment appeal now and don’t wait until your disability is determined.