Ryerson maternity leave termination

Posted by Johannes Schenk on May 12th, 2016 — Posted in Employment Law, Human Rights Law, Litigation

Source: Supporters of maternity leave rallied on Mother’s Day after new mom fired from Ryerson Students’ Union

And it’s 2016 and these types of actions are still up for debate? The law on maternity terminations is relatively settled: it’s not on unless you have a real and substantial business concern underlying the termination. The pregnancy and the soon to be employee with a new family member is not a good enough reason. And in any event the matter has to be handled as any other termination without cause: pay money or give notice (which doesn’t start to run until the employee returns from mat/parental leave).

Aside from the business cost and reputational costs arising from mishandling this type of termination (any termination for that matter) there are direct employment costs in terms of trust, loyalty and productivity. Employees watch how management behaves and respond accordingly. One mishandled termination can result in years of such impact.

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