‘Tainted’ testimony leads to Ghomeshi acquittal on all charges

Posted by Johannes Schenk on March 24th, 2016 — Posted in Employment Law, Litigation, Professional Discipline

An Ontario Court judge has acquitted Jian Ghomeshi on four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking, saying the “deceptive and manipulative” evidence of complainants raised a reasonable doubt in the guilt of the former CBC Radio host.

Source: ‘Tainted’ testimony leads to Ghomeshi acquittal on all charges

I note that this article made particular reference to a part of paragraph 140 of Justice Horkins’ judgement:

Horkins’ added that while the evidence in the case raises a reasonable doubt, it “is not the same as deciding in any positive way that these events never happened.”

That sentence was followed by:

At the end of this trial, a reasonable doubt exists because it is impossible to determine, with any acceptable degree of certainty or comfort, what is true and what is false

The Court in this circumstance is saying that the crown witnesses, all of them were so unreliable, that the Court doesn’t know what happened.

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