Privacy Cases: Biometric Identification

Posted by Johannes Schenk on November 24th, 2005 — Posted in Employment Law, Human Rights Law, Labour Law

The world is a changing place with the present and breathtaking changes in technology. Miniature video cameras, cellphone cameras, server mining, phishing, e-mail monitoring, and let’s not forget crafty investigative services. Employers and employees have a lot to think about in how they wish to use and respond to these ever expanding technologies.

And what’s next: Biometrics.

And to some extent it’s happenning here. Look at these two case:

Can you say “hello HAL”?

It’s obvious that the real and perceived security issues faced by the US and the UK are factors behind their move towards biometrics. Employers in these countries are riding on that wave. It will be interesting to watch over the next decade or so how the Canadian labour community approaches and responds to the availabiltiy of these technologies in comparison.

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