ICBC No Fault Insurance

It’s been a while since I’ve had a deep dive into the world of ICBC car insurance claims. But, the first thing that I can tell you is that under this new system there will be no “pain and suffering” claims. So you can’t golf, stroll in the woods or do you favorite hobby anymore. Well, no compensation. Got an ache that just won’t go away, have a cognitve issue? No compensation for that either.

And then you end up in a world that is similar to WCB. A claims manager will tell you what care is available, when you take it and when you need to get back to work. That’s a terrible system that I don’t wish on anyone to be involved in.

If there is going to be this wholesale of a change what should really happen is that the present system should be looked at and settlement data should be revealed as a start. Is the average court award more than the pre-court process settlement offer? Does the system need to change or do ICBC adjusters need to get better instructions and be more reasonable?

Someone who knows what they are talking about ought to game out comparables under the present system and the new system. What does an injury victim receive under the old system compared to the new system.